2006 Suzuki Forenza Q&A

2006 Suzuki Forenza Question: The car has heavy white smoke with smell, the engine light is blinking.

The car overheated. I had replaced the head gasket already about a year ago. Now it's happening again. My options are to replace the head gasket again, replace the engine, or get a new car. I don' want to replace the gasket again. Should I replace the engine on this car? If so, what is an estimate of price for a new/used engine? or should I just cuts my losses with this car. Last year paid $1500 for head gasket and radiator. Three months ago $300 for ignition coil and one month ago $600 sensor replacement. If I do replace the engine, how long do you think the car will last. Please help! Thank you for your time. -
Answer 1
It is not worth another engine! IMO. it's a money pit! My opinion only! -
Answer 2
Buy another vehicle Even tho you buy another motor Still yet you don't even know when that motor give up again It's a gamble 50/50 chances -