The car does fine while I am driving at Higway speed. Over heats when I stop on 2000 Ford Explorer

When I have to stop and the engine is idleing it begins to over heat. I noticed that I could not feel very much air from the fan. What happens if I fasten the fan to the pully wheel so it runs all the time

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It could be your clutch on the fan or a partly clogged radiator.You can't fasten the fan to the pulley because it will cause more harm than good.If a clutch fan is expensive i would check your local salvage yard for a used one.If you go the used way,always ask what kind of warranty they offer for there used parts.Some places will offer a 30 day warranty and some won't.
Thank you for the information. I will probabley go the used part rout through a local mechanic. Thanks again