The car dies almost like you turn the gas off. Could this be the fuel pump? on 1990 Chevrolet Celebrity

HI, my car is actually a 1988 Celebrity with a 2.8L engine. I understand it could be a lot of things wrong with this car. It has sat for a year & a half. I replaced the alternator and battery. Had no problem starting. Drove it for 2 days with no problems then it started spuddering(cutting out)and died and now I can't get it to start. Could this be the fuil pump or should I look somewhere else. The check engine light has not been on. It does still try to turn over it just wont start.

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The proper way to address this, and the most cost effective, is to diagnose the problem. Check to see if you are losing fuel pressure, ignition spark or injector operation. It is likely one of those checks that will lead you to the problem. If you are unfamiliar with performing these tests, then get a good repair manual and read up on troubleshooting a no-start condition.
You might find a free repair manual here: or go to or and get an online repair manual subscription.
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I have an 88 Chev Celebrity and had the same problem. I replaced the fuel injector and that fixed it; however, you could have another issue.