The car a/c switches on and off when it wants. How do I fix this? on 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Happens every time a/c is used. Been happening for years but only drive once a week. When the green light on a/c button is on, the a/c is cool but it shuts off on its own. The air still blows when light is off but it is warm air. Is there a switch that would fix this. My wife wants me to add a/c but that isn't it since been doing this for a long time and if was low in when it started then it would have been empty by now.

by in Chandler, AZ on June 02, 2012
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ANSWER by , June 02, 2012
What are the low & high side readings with a A/C manifold gauge set.
COMMENT by , June 03, 2012
Hasnt been done. I dont have that equipment and wasnt sure if it was needed. I have some mechanical skills but a/c is something I never tackled and wouldnt know how to use the gauge set . Could this be a switch or a relay?
COMMENT by , June 03, 2012
Without the low and high side readings when the compressor is engaged I can't help you. Or you can shoot parts at it.