The brake system goes totally down. The car goes on allarm and impossible to brake. on 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL550

The first time upon at the intersection, I went to brake and the pedal went down and not able to brake.The car start beeping and saying to do not move, do not drive call for service.I took the car in at Mercedes Benz and after checking for two days, they said that they did not find any thing wrong; I even said that was same fluid on the floor in the garage to come and check and see if they can locate the problem. They never came or attempting to come. I took the car and believed that was fixed. Five six months later, upon again, this time my wife almost got killed, because she was not able to brake.We notified the Garage and sent the towing company to pick it up. This upon in Dec14/2010. they kept the car for over two and half months,again I saw fluid on the garage floor. They said that they replaced some Sensotronic brake control, no sure if that is the problem but they did anyway. I told them that my wife does not want to drive the car because she is terrified and they can not guarantee that is fixed. Also I found out that The 2009 model are built with the old brake system and not electronic.I wonder if you heard of any similar incident.The dealer does not want to be responsible.Do I have any rights? Please let me know.

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Contact a lawyer, that is your best bet.
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i have the same problem with a 2008 sl550