the back sway bar bushing,rattle & bang the whole time you are driving the car, on 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have talked to several people with a P.T. cruiser & they all say they have problem with the same thing,why has there been no recall on this part??? you can't replace just the bushing you have to replace the whole sway bar & thats very expensive

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are you sure its not the watts bell crank? its located in the back centered between the tires.those wear out on pt's constantly and cause the same symptons your having.
it could be,but I'm just going by what the dodge dealer thought it was,how much is that to replace please??and is it dangerous to drive like this?
its about a $50 part.list price at a dealer,about $90.since the dealer has had eyes on it i would go with thier reccomendation and as far as dangerous,well,anytime suspension components wear theres a risk especially driving around corners at higher speeds.
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i had the same problem and replaced the bell crank the joins the two sway bars , 50 for part and 40 min in the driveway all noises and clunking went away