the automatic shifter keeps sticking and then fails on 2008 Chrysler Sebring

When I start the car the automatic shifter will not move. even if I pull on it, it will not move. today I took my fist and banged on the sides of it and if moved. what is going on

by in Dayton, OH on June 17, 2014
2 answers
ANSWER by , June 17, 2014
It wanted the extra attention!!!!
ANSWER by , May 27, 2015
there is a small switch at the bottom of shifter under console. there is a manuel way of taking it out of gear manuel tells u how I think..but the dealer replaced mine 4 free it was a recall problem..i wish I could tell u how to do it manually but I forgot..u can do it by removing top part of console an puy ur hand down by shifter an press right side of switch or button which releases shifter from park...