Saab 9-3 Problem Report

Saab 9-3 The ABS and/or Traction Control Light May Illuminate

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The anti-lock brake system (ABS) and/or traction control light may illuminate. This can be caused by corrosion in the (ABS) wire harness connector at the right front wheel speed sensor due to water intrusion.  Corroded connectors should be cleaned or replaced as necessary to correct this concern.

Anti lock brake failure traction control failure stability control failure. I've had it into the dealership 5 times and still not fixed. GM won't back there product and is still making me try to have the dealership service it. I don't seem to have much faith that they will fix my issue. -
Right brake light failure, traction control and turning lights (not blinkers) warnings show up on my dash read out -
Replaced the entire right front wheel hub assembly ABS wire harness and light still wont go off. -
had to have wiring harness replaced as it had been repaired to often -
Total rainy nite and on the way home the same three lights hit on, antilock brake malfunction, traction control failure, stability control failure. just had the brakes done, does this only mean i line just got wet? -
just repalced the rear abs wiring harness and the abs light still wont go off. -