the air stop working and the temp went up then returned to normal. whats wrong? on 2003 Jeep Liberty

I have a 2003 jeep liberty sport....a couple of days ago the temp went up and the air stopped working. I began to pray and started to drive. The temp returned to normal and the air started to work again. Yesterday it happened again and this morning I was out of gas and the air was not working. I filled to half full and immediately the air stated working. this is a reoccurring problem for the past couple of days. What do you think it is

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poss cooling fan issue,have that ck'd
Is this another word for radiator this expensive

yes its radiator fans, could be relays or just poss burn't wiring connectors having it checked tomorrow...will keep you posted...we women don't know too much about vehicles it checked mechanic says its nothing and normal to heat up a little as long as it goes back to normal. Didn't say much about the air working on and off. Yesterday it ran completely hot when I turned on the air so I parked it. later I drove it after the temp went to normal but smoke came out of the tail pipe for a little while and then stopped. I drove it on the highway for about 70 miles but there was no more smoke and it ran perfectly. im due to bring it back to him on Tuesday to get the radiator cleaned. he says my fan is electrical should I just replace it anyway and what are the chances of me having a blown head gasket?
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it sounds like your radiator fans are going out if not its a relay that controls the fans that is not working properly
Is this another word for cooling this long does the repair take
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