The air conditioner light blinks on and off and stops working. on 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

The air conditioner light blinks on and off and it stops working when you slow down or stop for traffic. As long as the car is going at a good speed, it works and the light stops blinking.

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It sounds like you are experiencing a problem with your compressor. There is a slight possibility that you just simply have a refrigerant leak, but the most likely is your compressor.
When your car comes to a stop, the RPMs are low and the belt is not turning the compressor as fast. If your compressor is failing or there is a leak and not enough refrigerant, then it can be causing this problem. Have your car inspected by a quality auto shop..
Thanks M_Kast... Have the same problem. :)
I have the same problem when I leave the car idling for more than 15 minutes. The light flashes and I have to re-set my ac. This only happens if I sit and idle the car while waiting on someone or go into a store leaving the ac on and the car idling. I have a 2003
Mitsubishi Outland. Over all the car is great.