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2003 Mitsubishi Outlander Question: The air conditioner light blinks on and off and stops working.



Visitor, 2.4L 4 Cylinder, Danville, WV, April 06, 2010, 09:27

The air conditioner light blinks on and off and it stops working when you slow down or stop for traffic. As long as the car is going at a good speed, it works and the light stops blinking.

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    April 06, 2010, 12:44

    It sounds like you are experiencing a problem with your compressor. There is a slight possibility that you just simply have a refrigerant leak, but the most likely is your compressor.
    When your car comes to a stop, the RPMs are low and the belt is not turning the compressor as fast. If your compressor is failing or there is a leak and not enough refrigerant, then it can be causing this problem. Have your car inspected by a quality auto shop..

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    Visitor, July 14, 2010, 14:28

    Thanks M_Kast... Have the same problem. :)

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    Visitor, August 03, 2011, 13:58

    I have the same problem when I leave the car idling for more than 15 minutes. The light flashes and I have to re-set my ac. This only happens if I sit and idle the car while waiting on someone or go into a store leaving the ac on and the car idling. I have a 2003
    Mitsubishi Outland. Over all the car is great.

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