The air cond contiues to blow and light up when the engition is off how come? on 1996 Buick Park Avenue

The lights stay on and the blower still runs but the keys r out of the egnition.... it end up killin the battery everytime

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Possible stuck closed relay.
Thts wat we just discounted and its still on...
Pull another one!
There is no relay for the blower control.
NAPA PART # AR153!!!! Later!
NAPA MIGHT HAVE ONE, BUT IT"S NOT IN THE WIRING DIAGRAM. Told you sorry was double checking while you answered.
It's in the car too dude! Take a hammer to that computer ànd think!
If it's manual A/C, yes it does, was assuming Auto, it does not have a relay.
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Sorry was double checking; The blower issue is more then likely the blower control module shorted.
Where is the blower control module we cant find it
It mounts next to the blower motor under the dash.
We have looked everywhere and its MIA
What trim package do you have, Auto A/C or manual controls.
Auto I believe how do u tell the difference
Ok; sorry the module is in the center rear of the engine compartment, attached to the heater housing. Working on to many newer models.
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