The air bag light stays on after the truck. on 2011 Toyota Tacoma

There was a recall on this problem(12V092000).It only included model years 2005-2009.Called Toyota customer service # and was told my trucks VIN # was not included.I checked for diagnostic codes using an actron pocket scan plus(CP9550)and it read no codes.

Asked by for the 2011 Toyota Tacoma
Mileage beyond warranty limit?
14,750 miles,purchased end of Aug.2011
Take it to a dealer and tell them to fix it! Give them NO money!! Not 1 dime!!!
Thanks ,I'am taking it to the dealer on Mon.10-2013.
Cool, they will probably come up with something to charge you for, don't pay it!! Call Toyota Corp. office if needed.
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They have to fix your air bag concern. That's a driver/passenger safety concern. Your warranty has to cover that. It may not be under the recall you mentioned, but it is under warranty. Agree with pushrod. The dealer should not expect you to pay for this.