The AC/Heating vents stopped blowing air out. on 2003 Pontiac Aztek

I am a new owner of an Aztek, I am the 2nd owner of the vehicle and it has been very well maintained. Unfortunately,After having it one day the check engine light came on. I am still working on that issue, but the following day, while driving, I was running the AC and it suddenly just stopped and would not turn back on again. I tried turning on the heat, and still nothing. The car came with no owners manual, so I had to look up the fuses online, Checked them out and they are fine. I have no idea what the problem is and why it happened. Any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this? It is getting unsafe to drive when I can't turn the window defroster on.

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There could be a bunch of reason why it stopped and yes it is unsafe. You would have to have access to the wiring diagrams and a scanner to check the body control computer. If you want us to check this out please call 313-562-7022 or schedule an appointment on line at I am sure we can diagnose it and give you the answer you need.
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I don't know if this helps but when that happen to me it turned out to be some burnt wires under the dash on the passenger side towards the middle console down by your feet, we figured it out cuz my daughter accidently kicked it and it would turn on.. when my step dad took a look down there he basically retaped the wires hasn't happened since, don't know what caused it though..