2007 Mercury Milan Q&A

2007 Mercury Milan Question: The A/C is blowing less than cold, almost room temp, even after adding Freon.

Even dialing "max cool", the temp is barely cool. A possible leak, or is blockage more likely? Can the thermostat affect the performance of the A/C ? -
Answer 1
Is the compressor coming on? Was the R-134 added using gauges, machine or the DIY stuff from the store? -
Comment 1
Yes, the compressor is running and the low pressure tube under the hood is very cold. The freon was added by a mechanic-friend, using tools and gauges. The temp reading at the dashboard vent is 40 degrees, but it is not cooling interior when it is 90 or higher outside. -
Comment 2
make sure your blend door (controls the mixing of the hot from heater core and cold from evaporator)is operating correctly. If equipped with a heater control valve make sure that it's closing when a/c is on. In most cases the engines' thermostat will not effect the a/c performance. Hope this has been a little help. -