the a.c. in my 96 honda civic has stopped working. on 1996 Honda Civic

the a.c. in my 96 honda civic has stopped working, it doesn't even make a sound when i switch it on, the a.c. light does go on but that's all. yesterday it made this soft sputtering noise and that was it. i'm pretty sure the whole a.c. system will have to be replaced i'm looking for estimates.....can anyone help?

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seek diag and est could be several issues as mentioned
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Does the fan inside car (blower motor) work? If not , that will cause A/C to be inoperative. Also condensor fan must be working , or PCM will not allow comp. clutch to engage. Another common item to go bad on that model is the thermal protector , easy to test.
probably low on freon and possibly a leak in the system