the ac blows out hot air. on 2002 Buick Rendezvous

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the woman that ownes it said the last owner told her the compresser had a hole in it.i was getting ready to do the dye check and noticed the clutch wasn't kicking in.any one else run in to this.
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The common leak for a Rendezvous would be at the condenser. If the system is low on charge or empty the compressor will not turn on. This is listed as a common problem by RepairPal, here is a link -
thanks, i work on cars on the side for people. mainly brakes. stuff like that.head gaskets.old stock car racer that knows his way around a car. but don't know any thing about ac. this helps alot.
Your a/c system has a leak. low pressure switch is open to protect system so comp clutch not engaging. chk for leakage, perform necessary repair, replace accumulator, evacuate system, insure no more leaks( by maintainig vac for a period of time) recharge to proper level as designated. the system should now operate and run. note the low press switch is now closed allowing the comp clutc to eng!