The ABS system is engaging on dry payment, why? on 2005 Hyundai XG350

Why is the ABS light coming on and the braking system is trying to engage on dry payment

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The warning light and the lack of function indicate that there's a fault in the ABS system. It's posssible that a wheel speed sensor (WSS) is failing or getting intermittent. Go to a Hyundai specialist for a diagnosis ASAP. rFailed ABS is a safety issue.
When the ABS light's on, the ABS is inactive but the conventional brake system is unaffected by the ABS system.
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You either have a wheel speed sensor or a problem with the valve assy. We are more trhan qualified to fix this problem. If you want us to check this out just call and schedule an appointment (313-562-7022) I am sure we can diagnose it and give you the answer you need.