1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Q&A

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Question: the abs light on dash goes out when i start car as it should

turns back on after 1 minute the guy i got car from replaced a lug nut and stud on left rear is it possible the abs sensor has dirt or got moved when he remove brake drum -
Answer 1
Have the abs system scanned!!! -
Answer 2
yes ,take the wheel off and check the connection at the abs sensor if the connection is ok then cycle the key three times the abs light should flash a code look for the light to flash 2 times such as 4times first time and maybe 2 times for second time which would be a code 42 eg once you get the code you can ask a mechanic what the code means if the light comes on and stays on it should have a stored code -
Comment 1
That's fine IF there is a sensor at each wheel. I think the sensor is mounted on diff. gear for rear abs. Have ABS system scanned. -