1998 Volkswagen Cabrio Q&A

1998 Volkswagen Cabrio Question: The ABS and brake lights come on when I start the engine and don't go off.

The brake light and ABS light come on when I start the engine. Sometimes they go off in a few seconds. Sometimes they go off if I turn the engine off and turn back on. It has also happened while driving and at that time the wiper blades that were runing stopped. Any ideas? -
Answer 1
Check your charging system first, then all the fuses and get back to me. -
Answer 2
you most likely have a bad abs control module, they are known to go bad and cause the symptoms that you describe. unfortunately you will have to replace the module. You can continue to drive with normal braking. so leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you, especially in wet weather. -