The 4wd lights on they say its the transfer case control module? on 2002 Dodge Durango

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The break caliber locked up and after they "fixed" that the 4wd light cam eon they say its the tansfer case control module. But is the control module a seperate piece then the tarnsfer case, ive read places that it could be an accuator. if that they say its easy to fix like a fuse.... HELP PLEASE!!
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Hello this does seem like the 4WD TRANFER CASE CONTROL MODULE failure and the fuse you have heard about is in the power distribution center and it is fuse [A].The location for the 4WD TRANSFER CASE CONTROL MODULE is under the dash above the hood release handle.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO.
Thanks for your response so your saying if i replace that fuse that should be the only problem or could the transfer case its self be bad? And you have a blessed day as well!
Hello yes replace the fuse first and test drive but the problem could be the tranfer case control module not he tranfer case itself.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO.