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1997 Acura RL Question: The 2 headlight bulbs Driver and Pass side Are Both dim and bright?

The driver side, grill side bulb was working but the pass side was not, I got the replacement bulb for the pass side, replaced it now neither work. Is there a fuse? -
Answer 1
Yep! Got the manual? -
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no I do not have the manual -
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Check all fuses! I dont have one either. -
Comment 3
located driver side left foot area? other than under the hood is there another fuse box location? -
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That is the reason everyone needs that book ,will tell exactly where & which fuse! More info in it about that vehicle than you can find anyehere that will help an owner. No other fuses that I know of. Think you can get the owners man. fairly cheap google it. I dont have access to any data sites here. -
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you have been a great help I will get the manual. Have a good night!! -
Answer 2
or poss bad bulb sockets causing grounding issues -
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All fuses looked good, I assume it is the 7.5 (Running Light) Fuse? I inspected the bulb sockets again, they are really rough looking. Going to pull a meter out and see if I have voltage. I also found a used OM on eBay, Its on its way. -
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Good move! -