The 2 headlight bulbs Driver and Pass side Are Both dim and bright? on 1997 Acura RL

The driver side, grill side bulb was working but the pass side was not, I got the replacement bulb for the pass side, replaced it now neither work. Is there a fuse?

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Yep! Got the manual?
no I do not have the manual
Check all fuses! I dont have one either.
located driver side left foot area? other than under the hood is there another fuse box location?
That is the reason everyone needs that book ,will tell exactly where & which fuse! More info in it about that vehicle than you can find anyehere that will help an owner. No other fuses that I know of. Think you can get the owners man. fairly cheap google it. I dont have access to any data sites here.
you have been a great help I will get the manual. Have a good night!!
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or poss bad bulb sockets causing grounding issues
All fuses looked good, I assume it is the 7.5 (Running Light) Fuse? I inspected the bulb sockets again, they are really rough looking. Going to pull a meter out and see if I have voltage. I also found a used OM on eBay, Its on its way.
Good move!