Thanks for the answer but.... on 1994 Volvo 960

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i Have cleaned up the engine many times before and started the car but when it idles while sitting it doesnt spray oil on top of the engine it only does when you drive it??
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The crankcase pressure varies with RPM changes. I guess you have an oil leak.
Did you get the oil filler cap gasket replaced? I replaced several hundreds due to oil leak at the top of the engine. It's only few bucks.
Could you response under your original post, so we all know what the original question was?

There was oil all over the top of the engine and under the plastic volvo cover all in the sparkplugs pretty much that was abt the original question
OK, I remember now. Before you do anything else, replace the seal ring inside the cap. Also check the breather hose where it connects to the flame trap (at the main intake hose) and make sure the round plastic screen (flame trap) is removed.