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Terry's Midtown Service
July 12, 2011

This is a first time impression.

I spend summers in the Colorado wilderness along the Poudre River. Two weeks ago we began to hear a very faint clanking sound under the hood. I suspected a loose belt or maybe a water pump bearing but could not pinpoint the sound. Our supervisor (we are campground hosts in our post retirement summer job) said some fine things about Terry's and they were currently replacing a transmission on one of the trucks at Terry's. They told us our company had been receiving fine service from them for a number of years.

We don't have much time when we run into town to get supplies and groceries but we decided to stop in there and see if we could get a quick diagnosis.

The service foreman said let's go out and take a look. He opened up the hood and listened. He said the car would have to come into the shop to really find the problem but it might be a loose bearing. He couldn't give an estimate without pinpointing the source.

Then he said, wait a minute and went into shop, coming out with a stethoscope sort of device. He checked the alternator, the pulleys and a few other bearing location. He said all sounded good.

I asked about the water pump. He said on the Taurus that was hard to reach. Then he said, "Wait a moment, maybe I can angle it in."

He then determined the water pump was very quiet.

His next suggestion was that I bring it in once a week and see if the noise was progressing. He also checked some fluids and determined that the power steering fluid was a but low. He went back in and got some fluid and topped it off.

I said we would be back and asked what we owed. He said since he could do this quickly outside the shop there was no charge. I asked if I could give him a tip and he said he did not take tips. Then we chatted a bit about my post retirement work in the mountains, and his career as a former back-up trouble shooter in automation industry and how much he liked his post retirement job at Terry's.

I am sure I will be back to this site for a followup. This is a small shop in a small town and I am impressed by their customer service and honest approach to troubleshooting.


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