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2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Tensioner vs pulley replacing

My tensioner has started making noise and I just noticed at autozone.com that I could by the pulley or the whole assy. Any thoughts on replacing just the pulley or should I do the tensioner too? Do I have to take very much off to do the tensioner.... That would have a lot to do with my decision LOL -
Answer 1
Are you sure the tensioner is the problem? How is the condition of the belt and the pulleys? Look at this earlier question, it is for a different car, but the basics still apply to your vehicle. http://repairpal.com/serpentine-belt-falling-off-351 -
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Yes I check the belt, I replaced it about 2 months ago, as it was really squealing. Then the noise started again, but this a.m. it turned into a whirring noise (bearing probably). So I sprayed some silicone onto the bearing from the rear and the noise stopped. -
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Nice diagnosis, sounds like you got it. I'm not sure the pulley listed on AutoZone is for the tensioner or if it is the idler pulley though. -
Answer 2
I had tons of probs w/ my 1500 5-speed, seems it was the center coupling assy holding the fan blade on has a rubber type grommet that dried out enough to change the angle of the belt. I went through about 5 serp belts from $40 to 80 bucks and did change the tensioner pully as well before I found it. Also good time to change radiator too. -
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Thanks for the answers and the heads up with the fan mounting, I'll keep an eye on it. I ended up taking the cheap route and the car gods must have been smiling that day, cuz it worked :) not the norm LOL, usually it costs twice as much as I think and takes twice as long to put on... did this one in just a few minutes for 22 bux, and a month later it's still rockin' :) -
Answer 3
Replacing just the pulley and the belt fixed that problem on my '96 T&C. Took about 20 minutes. Good luck! -