temprature sensor on 1998 Ford Taurus

my care giver just bought a 1998 ford torus sedan and has no heat. she was told at a tire store that its the temprature sensor, sometimes it well show the engine temprature and have a little heat and seconds later it won't even show the engine temp like there's a short in the wiring.. here in tukwila wa. she asked a mechanic at les schwab about it and he told her it was the temprature sensor. then i read on your page that bad motor mounts can cause problems with the wiring to the sensor shortning it out. how would you check if it is the wiring or the sensor?`

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You would replace the sensor and see if that solves the problem, as that will be cheaper by a huge factor than doing anything with the wiring harness. If the new sensor does not help, then you will need to dive into more complex underlying electrical problem and will want some good diagnostic help--probably not from a tire shop.