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2004 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Temperature light

temperature light (accompanied by 3 loud beeps) comes on about 75% of time when cranking up car no matter what the environment temperature-- but temperature gauge remains at the lowest mark. Car has not overheated and blinking light won't go off until car is turned off. It sometimes takes several tries to get the light to not come on after turning car on. What could be causing this and how can it be fixed? -
Answer 1
First thing i would do would be to check for codes. Sounds like a faulty sensor or wiring to me. If there is codes they will give you a direction to start checking for the problem. If you have autozone in your area they will scan free of charge. -
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Due to an ignition component and/or engine coolant temperature sensor failure, the Check Engine Light may illuminate. Replacement of the failed component will be necessary to correct this concern.
The Check Engine Light may illuminate as a result of a oxygen sensor and coolant temperature sensor fail. Replacement if the failed part will be necessary to correct this issue.
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