Temperature Gauge on 1999 BMW 328i

Yesterday while driving back from work I suddenly noticed the temp gauge is all the way up past the red zone, but did not see any signs that my bmw was overheating, was able to drive the car to my house, turned off the car and ehen started it again it did not go back to the red zone. Insected the car but did not notice any overheating signs. I am stumped and do not know why this happened. The car has 178,000 miles and is due for OIL service in about 1000 miles. I have also noticed that when I am cornering left or right I hear some noises or even when move the steering let or right when I start the car in the morning I hear the noise. Please help anyone. Thanks

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Did you check the coolant level? Rule of thumb: if your temp gauge goes to the red, stop the car immediately. Get
the system pressure tested to determine if there is a
coolant leak or if this is a bad water pump not circulating the coolant. You will need a new thermostat
because overheating can cause it to lose calibration.