Temperature gauge on 2000 Mazda 626

I will explain this for the last timeSent one head out to be resurfaced did not do the other one now the temperature gauge climbs slowly to hot when you turn the heater blower motor on in the car the temperature gauge will slowly go back to normal turn the heater blower motor off the temperature gauge climbs back up to hot there is absolutely no clogging in the cooling system is nothing wrong with the radiator brand-new thermostat and both reader fans are working properly since I did not to the other had I wonder if there is a crack in it where combustion is pushing back up into the cooling system and making the car overheat can anyone answer this question properly in and leave me to the right direction or how to check for combustion blowing back into the cooling system.

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Have a combustion leak test performed to see if you have a head/gasket problem. Most any shop can do this. That is your best option!
No need to send a card or someone else I have all the tools I am a mechanic. Did a leak down test there was no problem. Today I found a problem that turned out to be a clogged radiator the car is no longer overeating new radiator works wonders.
PR if he would have listened to me in the last post he wouldn't have had to post this one, and I didn't even get a kiss. Lol
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Pull the head off and check it, you seem to know more then we do. IMO.
Your making no sense ,your saying everything changed and no restriction in cooling ,then you're saying combustion is making overheat,your condradicting yourself . why did you do 1 head and not the other , the other 1 isn't warped???? I think the other side is warped 2 if you overheated
That's like doing half the/job , so you're right ,that side is pushing back .
I am making plenty of cents only did one head because it only needed one had to be resurfaced I did find the problem turned out to be a clogged radiator change the radiator and the problem is solved the car is no longer overheating.
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