Temperature always high if accelerated to 140 and fuel consumption very high. on 2002 Acura RL

Engine and Radiator changed and overheating still on...fuel consumption still high...occurs mostly when zoomed off or at a speed of 120 and's a 3.5l.

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Just slow the speed limit!!!
I do not understand please on the solution,I love that Acura Legend.
If you love it, then drive it like a responsible motorist. Otherwise you will soon destroy it by running at such high speeds and we can only hope that you don't hurt anyone else when the inevitable finally occurs.
Ok then I get you now...the 140 speed was a text run after some repair work to stop the overheating if not I don't exceed 120.If you think out any other solution to the overheating and heavy fuel consumption you let me because I feel there might be a little thing the technician has not remembered to do,thanks.
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MPH or KPH?.......BIG difference.
Yeah,,I agree, If limit is 75 mph and conditions allow, "120" kph is ok....... IF? But "occurs mostly when zoomed off or at 120 and above".. aint! IMO..but what the hell,, might be wrong!!!
MPH and KM/h.......Do you think that using a wrong radiator cover can cause that?
Ok,am still thinking ...