temp gauge says car is overheating but not exhibiting obvious symptoms on 1994 Ford Taurus

my 94 ford taurus (3.0 with a V6) appears to be overheating according to the temp gauge. The car itself doesnt really seem to be exhibiting symptoms. no boiling over, no smoke, the car doesnt try to die or run rough. Its been doing this for three days and today the gauge started moving more instead of just staying in the red. I have had my vent on in the car and the temperature always seemed on par with the outside temp until I today and it was blowing hot. It still doesnt appear to be boiling over and its not really driving differently, but today after it had been off for about an hour, I noticed some hissing coming from the engine that was silenced when the radiator cap was loosened. I have no idea what is wrong and have heard anywhere from a sensor is out to I need a new radiator. Im at a loss. :(

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STOP DRIVING THE CAR. Although I think it's to late by now. Most likely blown head gaskets.