temp gauge not going up. fan not moving. Have anti-freeze and oil. on 1995 Ford Escort

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I stalled in traffic. acted like a battery issue. I now suspect overheating even with the gauge not moving up, at all. Also no heat coming out from the heater. It does not restart until it cools down. Then good to go for starting. Once I got going again, I was good for about 15 minutes and then I stalled and shut down, again. Probably not a battery issue, cause all other electrical systems still going strong. what is happening to cause this
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Not sure if you found the source of the problem but I had an overheating issue and the cooling fans not working unless I turned on the a/c. That only happened after replacing the relay on the passenger side firewall. What I found the source of the cooling fans not working were burnt/stuck contacts inside one of the relays that are mounted on the drivers side fender under the air cleaner box. Have to take it out of the car to access them. There are 2 relays side by side. You can take them out (1 at a time I'd suggest) and carefully pry the cap off and take a look at the contacts. Mine were like I said stuck shut. I popped them loose and took a finger nail file and sanded the carbon down to clean up the contacts and put the cap back on and everything back together. So far that fixed it. The fans now work. Good luck.
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