Temp and battery lights come on and car won't start. on 1997 Buick LeSabre

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Replaced serpentine belt idler pulley and rubbed a hole in power steering unit. Fixed everything, washed off power steering fluid was going down the road when engine light started blinking and hesitating. Antifreeze was gone from radiator and now it doesn't start
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fill cooling system and pressure test cooling system.when it doesnt start does the engine turn over?
Which light was blinking exactly, was it yellow or red in color? How hot did the engine get?
Check engine light yellow. Didn't notice how hot it got. Have spark and fuel pump is working. Just not firing.
Ok so I pulled number 3 spark plug and it was cover in oil or antifreeze but oil looks fine possible head gasket
Does the oil look milky at all. I'm not sure by your post but if it overheated, you run the risk of warping the heads and causing the coolant to leak into the cylinders and oil passages. Have you pulled any of the spark plugs? You should get a flashlight and look inside as many cylinders as possible through the spark plug hole to see if there is any coolant in the cylinders.
Oil is fine. That was one of the first things I checked. Although I have been putting antifreeze in the radiator still.