Tell me what resistence should measure in a 2001 prius MG2 stator windings on 2001 Toyota Prius

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I used a megger meter to test my MG2 in a first generation prius. I have measured from the 3 winds to chassis an get near 200 Meg ohms.
I measure resistance between the winds an I get like 2-3 ohms.
I know there are 3 winds an they are in a parallel circuit with one another.
What I don't know is how to tell if the winds are shorted within themselves or each other.
Does anyone know what the resistance should measure in a healthy stator winding?
Appreciate any an all help I can get here.
Thanks much, Hank
(1) Answer
A shorted winding wil read 0 resistance while an open will read infinite res. You will need the known value of the actual winding you are testing. You can try