Telescopic steering column noise on Lexus GS300

Average mileage: 87,642 (40,000–150,000)
3 model years affected: 1998, 2004, 2006
10 people reported this problem
5 people shared problem details
I noticed the noise level has increased significantly while adjusting seating/driving position. Also the steering occasionally became heavy while making turns.
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2004 Lexus GS300100,000
My telescoping steering wheel screams when going in or out.
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2006 Lexus GS30059,500
My Lexus GS300 creates a grinding noise when telescoping out, but operates smoothly when going in.
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1998 Lexus GS300150,000
Not fixed. High pitch squeal when adjusting steering column.
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2006 Lexus GS30040,000
squeaking noise when the steering column telescopes out.
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