I'm on my 2nd set of tires in 41,000 miles with my 08 Camry - cupping & feathering - even though I have rotated, balanced and aligned them more than recommended (due to cupping & feathering on first set of tires). Any issues on 08 camry for this that is not yet a recall? Toyota says its the tires -- tire company says it's the car. Driver just wants it resolved.

by in Naperville, IL on October 14, 2010
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ANSWER by , October 14, 2010
Do you feel any vibrations at highway speeds? Do you think the following would apply to your car (let me know, I'll send you the rest): Some 2007 -2008 model year Avalon, Camry, Camry HV, and Solara vehicles may exhibit a steering wheel flutter and/or a body vibration (floor or seats) at highway speeds (approximately 65 - 75 mph [105 - 121 km/h]) Zee
COMMENT by , October 20, 2010
Actually, what I fee/hear is a very slight noise as though there were seams in the pavement we're driving on and it starts at 35 to 40mph. It's already been diagnosed as cupping and feathering of the tires -- but I can't figure out why it's happening so soon. I rotate & balance, align the tires and only have about 20m on a set of Pierelli tires that are supposed to get around 80m. I chose Pierelli because they were harder tires & while noisier -- still would resist the cupping & feathering.
COMMENT by , October 20, 2010
There must be some vibration - that would cause the tire problems. Since the first set of tires didn't last either, it's not a tire problem. You should have 60 months / 60K miles warranty, so they have to resolve this problem. Post an e-mail and I'll send you the rest of the TSB. If your local dealership refuse to help, call the Toyota of North America and file a complaint. Just a note: About 7-8 years ago an other brand - I forgot which- had a similar problem and they had a bunch of faulty wheels installed, later the manufacturer replaced those. Zee
COMMENT by , October 21, 2010
Zee.......Director of Service at local dealership is very interested (at this point) in helping me out. We are going to schedule an engineer from Toyota to come & go thru car with fine toothed comb. I will print this out & have them check the wheels to see if they are defective or out--of-round or something. If I hit a wall I will file complaint with Toyota of North America. Thanks for the input. Very Helpful.
COMMENT by , October 25, 2010
That's good! Least they are showing some interest to fix the problem. One more silly question, on your other vehicles, perhaps the neighbor's car are the tires OK? The problem isn't caused by the irregular surface of the road, right? One more thing, before you rotated the new tires at the first time, did you noticed the problem at all the wheels, or only at the front or back? Thanks! Zee
COMMENT by , October 25, 2010
Zee Silly answer - my car, husband's car and previous 5 cars I've owned while living at this address do not have any tire issues. I was not told of this issue when I rotated the tires the first time -- but I had the tires rotated at 40,000 mile service performed at the dealership in Sept and nothing was said but obviously the cupping and feathering was visibly obvious at that point. I raised the question to the Service Manager at dealership why -- if they did the rotation & balance in Sept -- didn't anyone advise me of the tire issue at that time? Got no response. thanks for your help and interest Zee. I will keep you posted.
COMMENT by , October 26, 2010
Thanks! I appreciate the updates.
COMMENT by , November 08, 2010
Your problem is coming from defective struts or poor alignment.
COMMENT by , November 08, 2010
Sorry anonymous. Both were checked at dealership and both are fine -- or so they tell me.