TCM Replacement procedures on 2002 Saturn Vue

I have had this car for about 2 months bought it with a TCC solenoid error code. I replaced the solenoid but now the transmission is not shifting at all and I now have a Control Malfunction error. I am told that I need a new TCM. First is this true and second I keep reading about nightmares with having to Flash or program a Brand new unit. I am unsure how to continue I am willing to purchase the unit but don't want to pay a dealer to program it. Is it really necessary?

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What are the trouble codes.
The code is p0700 Transmission control malfunction. my biggest concern is the replacement of the TCM though, I know dealerships can charge a great amount for anything having to do with the computers on these things. is there a way to do this from home or a local shop that won't charge as much?
P0700 is a generic code for a trans problem. You need a real shop with a real full enhanced scanner to diag the problem. Not just a generic OBD2 code reader.
seek a free diag from aamco
Or a local auto parts store. Go to a Transmission shop for a proper diag.