Cadillac DeVille DTS Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille DTS Check Engine Light due to TCC fault

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The torque converter clutch (TTC) may stop working due to an internal transmission failure. The Check Engine Light will illuminate if this occurs. Our technicians tell us the transmission will require dis-assembly to correct this concern.

The actual problem is only the Torque Converter Clutch itself, not the entire Torque converter. This is another Cadillac/GM ploy to cause two codes to read when only one code (Torque Converter Clutch) is the actual problem. This is where they get you for replacing the whole Torque Converter, but without fixing the TCC, the code will still read. Replacing the TCC only (not the Torque Converter) will fix the code/issue -
Check engine light came on on two occasions. Had to replace Torque Converter at cost of 2500. Later had to replace the Torque Converted Solenoid at a cost of $600.00. -
Engine light on. They said that the converter clutch solenoid valve stuck open. -
replaced transmission -
check engine light comes on so -
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