Cadillac Eldorado Problem Report

Cadillac Eldorado Check Engine Light due to TCC fault

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The torque converter clutch (TTC) may stop working due to an internal transmission failure. The Check Engine Light will illuminate if this occurs. Our technicians tell us the transmission will require dis-assembly to correct this concern.

the engine light will not go off have got so many new parts and every time it tell me something us is wrong get new reading ever time all the thing can not be wrong car runs and drives fine -
After purchasing this vehicle I was driving back home and I realized that the Service engine soon light was on. I had it checked and it turns out that the Transmission clutch is not working properly because the Transmission Solenoid is not functioning. This is a common problem with All Cadillacs with the NorthStar Engine. It cost about $2500 to repair the problem but, at that price you can buy a remanufactured Transmission from GM or Cadillac with a 3 year warranty, and don't forget to add an additional $1200 for parts and labor. I estimate you will end up Spending $3500 - $4000 on repairing this problem. -
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