Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille Check Engine Light due to TCC fault

(139 reports)

The torque converter clutch (TTC) may stop working due to an internal transmission failure. The Check Engine Light will illuminate if this occurs. Our technicians tell us the transmission will require dis-assembly to correct this concern.

my torque converter clutch is stuck in off position -
nothing wrong with transmission, light sometimes goes out only to return. transmission has been working well for the last 20000 miles but now I cant pass emissions tests and there is nothing wrong but the sensor. -
Service engine light keeps coming on. Code indicates p0741 and p1860. I am being told transmission needs to be removed so the harness and solenoids can be repaired. there are no other symptoms or any problems so I am researching. -
TCC and Sylenoid. Remove and replace. -
Check Engine Light comes on. Code says Co 741. Bad Solenoid. Car runs fine - shifts smooth up and down - runs about 2000 rpm at 65mph. -
Car idles good but when I hit the gas it jerks and bucks. After it does that a few times it runs fine. -
decoder reads a P0741 problem causing engine light to appear. Constantly returns if erased but have not had any problems with transmission or engine performance. -
TCC Switch Off, -
check engine light came on fault code for either tcc or solenoid transmission had to be rebuilt to get back overdrive -
check engine light comes on and goes off. check out saqys torque converter. 1st time in jan they said I needed the transmission oil shanged done that the light went off now it is back on I had it checked and now thety say it is the torque converter. Very upsetting. -
Torque converter stuck n the off position sensor and solenoid - won't pass inspection - only 128,000 miles on it and its Junk- about a $2500 fix and all of them this year are that way- I have read the horror stories -A car this expensive and so many defects - Don't buy a Cadillac-When is there going to be a recall - ridiculous amount of money to spend on such an expensive car and only get 120,000 approx miles out it -
Code for TC -
Same issue as above, TCC Internal Tranmission Fault, I was told it was the overdrive sensor which essentially does not effect the car but without tranny removal its impossible to fix. -
TCC and xmsn overhaul required. Expensive. -
my fuel gage finally completly stopped working, not sure if the planner or other gages are affected -
Service Engine soon light. Cadillac dealer diagnosed failed torque converter. Replace transmission to correct. -
Throws code P0741 have lost overdrive...acted like it wasn't getting gas.... -
car drives fine code can be cleared but comes back.... -
Check engine light is on.Went to O'Reilly and system check was performed and was informed that it was my torque converter clutch. Noticed vehicle not properly shifting into all gears -
just riding down the road, and car wouldn't go over 25 miles per hour, took it to pep boys, thinking I had a bad fuel filter or fuel pump, they told me that I have a blown transmission. -
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