Tapping noise from engine on 1994 Isuzu Trooper

The tapping noise is pretty much all the time. I've had the car 6 mos. & it didn't do this during the first couple of mos., any ideas what it could be?

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Could be an exhaust leak, or something internal. You'll need to have someone look at it and isolate the noise, then determine the cause. That is almost impossible without hearing the noise. Hope this helps, even though I can't offer any solution!
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I can almost guarantee it is a sticky hydraulic lifter or three...this is an inherent issue with the Isuzu 3.2L engine. Mine, a 92, has been tapping away for 125K...recommend an oil change and some oil additive like SeaFoam to quiet it down until the next change. Or you could spend the money to have them replaced.
Thanks a bunch imcja, i'm gunna look into all your suggestions!!