2000 Lincoln Continental Q&A

2000 Lincoln Continental Question: takes 15 min. to fill gas tank.replacsd vapor vent valve; larger vapor canister;

vent line from fill point to tank is clear. could it be the smaller vapor canister? I not sure if they are connected in series. THANKS O. S. -
Answer 1
I think there is a check valve at the tank inside the big rubber fill hose, it may be the problem. Some have this but i am not sure about this vehicle! That might be something to check into though. -
Comment 1
thanks pushrod. I didn't know about the check valve. very well could be the problem. THANKS ORRINBLUE -
Comment 2
You are welcome, had this problem with a mustang and a new check valve fixed that one! I dont know what might happen if it was just left out of the tank. -