taken the car several times to nissan dealer, engine light on on 2012 Nissan Versa

Almost every month light come back, they put the tester to see if a code is coming, usually a transmission sensor, but when is taken to the mechanic and the put their computer the code disappear, this is happen seven times already, can you help? thank you very much

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Take it back to the dealer and have them fix the cause of the trans code since they know what it is!! Why did you have it checked at another shop when it should still be under warranty, or is it not??
We'll the code disappear, in my four visit they find that the transmission was bad , was replace now I don't know I will change dealer and take to another.
My check engine light MIL just came on and I'm at the 58,000 mile marker for a 2012 versa and my tranny was replaced the month after I bought the car. It's runny sluggish this past week and now the light came on and wont go off even after I checked and tighten the gas cap.