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2008 Scion xB Question: Tail lights won't turn on, but brake lights, blinkers, hazards work fine.

I had a friend notice that both of my tail lights are out on my 2008 Scion xB. I went to the store and replaced both tail bulbs immediately. Then I realized that the blinker, hazards, and "blinking" when I lock/unlock with the remote are all the same lamps, and they function. So the bulbs are fine, but they just don't come on as tail lights. -
Answer 1
with your taillights turned on take the bulbs out and check the sockets for power and ground if you have no power its probably in your headlight switch -
Comment 1
Thanks! I will try that. Not having much luck trying to find where to order that part online - would a big chain auto parts store have one? -
Comment 2
I am from canada so I dont know where to go to get the part but I would say any auto parts store should be able to help you out -