tail light covers on 2003 Honda Civic

Hi, I bought non OEM tail lights. What are the type of tools I will need to complete this job? I see it can be simple however are there instructions out there step by step that I can see? If so will you please direct me to the document? Thanks so much! I found replacements on the internet a whole set of all four in the back for 32 dollars plus s/h came to $62!!! I am happy however they are not as nice an the OEM lights, you loose out on the individual warning lights and it becomes just one for the directional lights. oh well. cheaper than paying $300 plus from a dealer and I am a girl! If I can do it you can too! whoopee!

by in Franklin Lakes, NJ on July 09, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 09, 2009
I would ask the people who sold you the lights. There should be installation documentation made by the non-OEM light maker.
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