1994 BMW 325i Q&A

1994 BMW 325i Question: Tail light assembly burned

I have a message in my car that reads tail light failure. I took it to the BMW dealer and they told me that my tail light assembly is burned and i'll need a new tail light housing and re-wiring done which will cost me $550! I'm nervous about going to another non-BMW dealer to have it fixed because its electrical wiring. Do you think its ok to try another place. I don't have 550 right now but I really need that light fixed. How much should it cost. -
Answer 1
there is nothing cheap about a BMW. the light sockets burning is common and the price sounds better than out here in pa. Roy -
Answer 2
I got mine fixed at a local car repair (Not dealer) for $350 and it not only affects your tail light but your parking, license plate and your dash board light. I got it fixed because I didnt need a ticket for a broken tail light. -
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