Tahoe will start but will die after a bit ,then restart fine and die again on 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

Tahoe takes a couple times to start then runs great but then will die ,restart it just fine but then will die again after few minutes. Has new battery

poss ground cables at p/s rear of intake manifold have come loose,that will cause this issue
Thanks. I put that in my notebook!!
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Was the battery just 'now' installed? Any problem before battery swap?
Problems before new one. Drove the Tahoe bout 300 miles and it suddenely stopped running. Waited tip next day started fine drove it home. Replaced battery in hopes it may have been that. It wasn't. Now its doing it more often. Now it runs fine after two to three attempts to start and after minutes it just dies.
Going to have to get it scanned and FUEL PRESSURE tested, that is the only sure way to find the trouble. Was hoping the battery disconnect was the problem. (Idle relearn). Can you make the engine keep running by pushing on the gas pedal?
Yes for a little while then rpms. Drop and it dies. Can hear the fuel pump working. Starts right back op and the press pedal for a little while then it does it again and dies. I'm at a lost for what it is
They have a LOT of fuel pump problems, even though you hear it running, pressure may be low. Really need a pressure test to be sure.
Had that done month ago it was fine the dealer said. Yes its one its second fuel pimp. We replaced this one bout year ago. Thanks for your input