Tachometer & Warning Lights on 2001 Saturn L300

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While driving my trachometer will suddenly go down to 0 and the Service Engine Soon Light and Service Lights will come on briefly. I noticed today it did this while on cruise control (didn't feel any loss of power) and a/c on. What could this be? And what would an estimate on repairs be?
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Not an answer, but a similar issue...Tachometer, Fuel gauge temp gauge, go to zero. Speedometer freezes at current speed, odometer inop, ABS, Airbag, and both service engine (with a wrench and without) indicator lights come on. I turned off the car and restarted with no indicatotions. A mile later, same thing. Drove it for the next 3 days, with no issues, then it happened again yesterday. I scanned the vehicle and no fault code shows up. Cruise control is not affected, and any mileage driven while in this condition is stored and then added on when the car returns to normal. Any ideas?
Since the check engine light does come on scan the vehicle for fault codes. Investigate based on what you learn from that.
Many auto parts stores such as Kragen or Autozone will scan vehicles for free. Then again , if you are inclined to purchase one , generic OBDII scanners are very cheap...