1997 Ford Contour Q&A

1997 Ford Contour Question: switched my timing belt how do I align it

replaced timing belt and serpentine belt how do I get it to be in time? -
Answer 1
There is a special tool to hold the camshafts in position with the crank at TDC (Top Dead Center) position. It would be hard to describe to you via this forum. You may want to obtain a publication or seek a local shop for assistance, as this is a crucial step in keeping your engine functioning! Good luck. -
Answer 2
Hey, spend the $30 for a repair manual. You are already saving hundreds doing the timing belt your self. Use your savings and get the car specific manual from the parts store, before it really costs you. Or don't, and spend 3 times the cost of a timing belt job getting a shop to fix what you screwed up. Ever hear the phrase "penny wise and pound foolish." -