switched from 2 hi to 4 lo - stuck in 4 lo with NO indicator lights on switch on 2004 Chevrolet Blazer

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10 amp fuse is good
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scan codes and post so we can adv
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Have the transfer case scanned, a Tech2 will find your problem. Have diagnosed and repaired many. There's a problem in the module and/or encoder motor. Some just need a program refresh.
I will have to tow it 6 miles to the nearest repair shop. If I put it in neutral, will it be OK to tow?
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Just take it slow, real slow if your stuck in LOW. Might be better to trailer it or tow it. Don't pull the encoder motor if you don't know anything about it, too much information fellas. It's easily tested and repaired at the right place, you'll be fine.
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When the system fails, or detects a fault it stops shifting so the transfer case will be locked in 4-low and towing should only be done on a flat bed. If it is just an electrical system failure it can be manually shifted if you remove the transfer case motor and turn the actuator shaft clockwise. If 4-low is imagined at 12 o'clock and you make a paint line on the end of the actuator shaft, two high will be at 7 o'clock.
Thank you for your reply. This will help a lot. Do you think the dash switch may have failed? When I first turn the ignition on, all 3 amber indicator lights will come on for a second and then go out. After that, none are lighted. I can get a new switch for $30. Thanks again!
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It's not the switch. Have it scanned
Have you tried reversing 10mtrs, then slip main gearbox to neutral, then move transfer lever.
This does not have a transfer "lever". I wish it did. Has the electronic dash switches. Dash switches do not light at all. Yes I did back it up and tried but its like the switch is dead or something stuck underneath and what ever does the sensing to feed the indicator lights is out of position. When I first turn the ignition key on all 3 amber lights come on for a second and then go out. I can get a new selector switch for $30 but I think I have a different issue. Thanks for your reply!
Do you know if it is vacuum assist or solenoid? If vacuum then find the pipe at the transfer case and connect to inlet manifold. If electric pull power direct to it from battery.
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