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1996 Lexus LS400 Question: Swaying back and forth?

I have a 1996 lexus ls400 and when im driving and touch the brakes, it sways back and forth like a fish in the water trying to swim. the fron suspension is worn out but i do not think the shocks would make it do that. what else could it be? its like some kind of bushing is out im guessing but i am clueless. any one with any kind of feedback that can E-mail me what they think, plz feel free!! (bori9683@students.sjvc.edu)thanks so much. -
Answer 1
If you get a shudder when braking, this is often warped rotors in need of replacement or resurfacing. You may also have a suspension problem, especially if your car came with fancy air suspension. When that goes out, you can end up with swaying and looseness. This will requirement strut replacement--very expensive for OE parts, and I've heard many owners go with a traditional replacement part, rather than air. -
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ya its the stupid air suspension type. im going to get the coil over conversion all around. the guy i got it from took the car to a frame shop and they told him it was a thousand dollar part, but never told me what it was, hopefully once i get the kit, it stops. -
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5 will get you 10, that's the issue, and that'll be the fix. -
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I'm sorry, I'm a lil confused with "5 will get you 10, that's the issue, and that'll be the fix." -